Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 6

day 6, last day of the snowsprit 2008 and NO programming. a group of 6 people went down to galtür and had a great time on the skiing tracks. some beers and a lot of fun at the weiberhimmel later we went up by snow groomer. though it was the last evening i already went to bed quite wasted at 1am.

today (friday) was departure, we left the beautiful place with a lot of wonderful impressions and some lines of code more ... "es war sehr schön. es hat mir sehr gefallen." now i'm already sitting at the fachhochschule again where "blickfang" takes place today. the design courses show their semester projects.

next monday my internship at lovelysystems will beginn officially.

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 5

sorry, but no entry today. hope you'll understand ...
but there are some new photos from a lovely day and a glorious night at

i'll go and have some more beers now ... :)

Bielerhöhe at night

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 4

today wasn't a good day :| first, the weather changed and a snow storm took over the bielerhöhe and covered it in white. see the video from mr. topf! and secondly, our flex/as/air project didn't run well. though there were some nice implementations of the photo stream and a little progression in the the motion capture tool, all in all nothing went really straight. i nearly lost the fun in coding actionscript ... i thought that there is not that much difference between AS2 and AS3. but tomorrow is another day ...

Dienstag, 22. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 3

i'm tired. yesterday at night i finished the dashboard widget and did some small improvements. after some hours of sleeping the day began at 8:30am with an extensive breakfast in the morning sun. today we worked on flex or rather we tried ... not until evening it was complete new area. the next days zauchi, armin and i will work on an application, written in flex/actionscript/air, with which you can navigation through a flickr gallery by moving the hand in front of the webcam. more details will follow ... good night!

Deutsch-Österreichische Freundschaft

Montag, 21. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 2

today there's not that much to tell, though it was a full day of coding and working. armin and me just finised the dashboard widget for (there is still small bug in ;)) and i tried to implement the AddressBookPlugin to the widget to automatically take over addresses. unfortunatelly this didn't work out, cause there is no documentation at all for the plugin. it's a blackbox without any interfaces :( nevertheless, i really liked the project and i could improve my coding experiences in javascript/ajax.
tomorrow we will do some testing on flex and air to create internet applications for desktop use. now (1am) still most of the sprinters are sitting around, coding, working, discussing, or drinking beer :) me too ...

Samstag, 19. Januar 2008

SnowSprint 2008 - Day 1

yesterday we already at the hotel piz buin on the bieler höhe high above the civilization in the vallies of vorarlberg. the arrival by cabel car and bus through narrow and dark tunnels was already an exciting highlight of the day. after dinner (yes quite late at 8pm) we hold a start up meeting where the sprint topics were discussed. of course, there are a lot of geeks here (which is fine), and the topics are not really familiar with me, or maybe cotrariwise. but there are two of them which fit to my programming experiences: developing dashboard widgets and a kind of voodoo website developmet with grok. well i still don't really know what grok is (it's a kind of simplified zope a little bit like ruby on rails) and therefore today's topic was dashcode. dashcode is a developing environment vor dashboard widgets on leopard. there you can easily manipulate the html and javascript files that maintain the widget. togehter with armin from lovelysystems we are building up an app that processes and displays data from meinberlin ( we hope to finish the project tomorrow. but the day started more relexed with a three and a half hour snow boots tour with an incredible view on the mountains of silvretta. it's nice to combine things that we love to do! :)

you can visit my picasaweb photo galleries

Blick Richtung NW

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2008


Das 5. Semester ist vorbei! Zumindest für mich, denn ich starte schon morgen Freitag mein erweitertes Praktikum. Nachdem ich heute Designtheorie und gestern Mediensynergie abgegeben habe kann ich mich wirklich auf eine spannende Woche mit 50 Geeks aus der ganzen Welt freuen.

PS: Ich werde vom Snowsprint sicherlich auch des öfteren berichten. Die Beiträgen werden unter dem Topic Snowsprint2008 ( veröffentlicht.

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